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Entering a new phase

Hi Everyone It has been a while since my last Blog. Unfortunately we had 2 close deaths in just over 7 months which impacted our whole organisation. We still miss Ken Evans who helped us begin our journey and I am sure still supports us where ever he is. Since 2014 we now are a

Loss and Change

This year has been a difficult year for TACT. There have been two bereavements which have been significant for TACT. Ken Evans who was not only a trainer at TACT but also involved with TACT’s growth and development passed away in July at his home in France. Ken was a hugely respected member of the therapy community

Onwards and Upwards

As we are coming to the summer break TACT has had a successful beginning to the year with the Supervision Training  taking place in May which was warmly received by the participants. We have also been busy preparing for our visit from UKCP in July, which we are pleased and excited about, and much cleaning

Mental Health – First Aid Course

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Mental health problems can affect people at any time of life in different ways. They affect not only individuals and their families, but friends, work colleagues and employers too. Many people suffer a mental illness for a long time before they seek help. An MHFA course will teach you to:

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