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What are Therapeutic Wellbeing Skills?

Therapeutic Wellbeing Skills develop ways of working effectively with people in a relational and therapeutic way. Relationship is a crucial part of the healing process and the dynamics of relating empathically will underpin the course.

We will draw on Psychology using a Humanistic, Integrative approach and use Gestalt and Developmental theories to inform the training. 


Who is the course suitable for?


The course is suitable for anyone who would like to become a qualified Therapeutic Wellbeing Practitioner for use in either at work or in a personal capacity. The course will enhance effective practice in a range of caring job roles such as:


  • Education and SENCO

  • Early Help and Social Workers

  •  Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners

  • Health Visitors and Community Nurses

  • Nursing home staff and carers of the elderly.


This course is also a suitable starting point for learners wishing to progress to more advanced courses leading to eventual qualification as a professional counsellor/ therapist.


What is unique about this course?

This course is one of the first of this kind in the NE of England.


There is a growing recognition nationally and governmentally in regard to meeting the emotional needs of people in particular those of the younger and older population of the UK.


TACT recognises the need to provide high quality training to meet this demand.


This is an experiential training held in a supportive environment with trainers who work in the field.


Training at TACT has benefits for both employers and participants.


  • Bespoke training to suit your working times/needs

  • Running the training over blocks or short periods, enabling staff to be trained quicker.

  • Tailoring the skill practice to your industry


  • Train over a shorter period of time so you qualify quicker with smaller group sizes for more individual attention.


  • Boundaries


  • Core Conditions


  • Understanding Behaviour and Emotions


  • Using Creative Methods to facilitate expression and communication


  • Attachment and Loss


  • Self-Care and Resilience


  • Rights of the Individual & Ethics


  • Understanding Transference


  • Using and Understanding Record Keeping



Course Length

The course is generally a one year training for 3 hours each week (24 weeks). This can be adapted for employers if required, see the section on ‘What is Unique’



Assessment for the training will be by essays, keeping of a personal journal and skill sharing


Who is the course suitable for?



The course is highly cost-effective training. For information on fees for individuals or groups, please send an e-mail to




Other additional areas to consider


Personal Therapy

While it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended and good practice to attend personal therapy alongside your training. We appreciate people have emotional lives and may wish to explore the impact of the topics covered in a supportive and confidential setting. Attending personal therapy allows students to experience first-hand the dynamics and benefits of an empathic, well-being relationship.





Once qualified Therapeutic Wellbeing Practitioners may find it beneficial to continue to receive support for the work they undertake. TACT has a bank of experienced supervisors who are able to offer bespoke supervision if required.


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