Our Philosophy and Values

Statement of Philosophy and Values

The philosophy and culture of TACT, whilst open to influences from other approaches, is primarily shaped by the relational, developmental and dialogical elements and approaches within the traditions of humanistic-existential and psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy.

The core values affirmed by TACT comprise the following:

  • Belief in the worth, dignity and creative potential of every person
  • Belief in the right of every person to maximise their choices in the context of their actual circumstances
  • Change is only possible and valid if it is chosen and owned by the person making the changes
  • The framework of all change is based on negotiation
  • Increase in awareness is involved in what makes change possible
  • Clients need determine the goals and the pace of counselling/therapy, whilst the methods involve the two-way dialogue and human reality of the therapeutic relationship

Regarding those drawing upon the resources of TACT to develop, and maintain, their own skills we affirm:

  • The validity of diverse approaches in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and in the validity of their integration, where they are compatible
  • The need for the development of appropriate and consistent personal methodology in counselling/therapy based on sound theory
  • The fundamental importance of being linked with a supportive collegial community
  • The necessity of a valid and personally owned ethical framework
  • That lifelong supervision and ongoing personal/professional development are essential
  • That the counsellor/therapist is professionally accountable

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